Set up as a partnership in 2004, Archaeological Surveys has developed into a limited company carrying out approximately 60 projects a year. The company has two directors, Kerry Donaldson and David Sabin, who have past experience of working for and managing one of the countries largest geophysical survey companies. In addition, David Sabin has worked for a number of large UK archaeological contracting units and has over 25 years experience in the excavation and surveying of archaeological sites at both amateur and professional level. The company believes in following current best practice and operates to Historic England and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists guidelines. A programme of continuing investment in equipment allows surveys to be carried out effectively and efficiently.

Kerry Donaldson - Profile

BSc Hons Geography, HNC Heritage Management, EMFEC Practical Archaeology

Kerry has a wide ranging knowledge of archaeology and heritage management issues and has been involved with archaeology and museums for over 25 years at both professional and amateur level. She was employed as geophysical report writer for archaeology with a leading UK company before setting up Archaeological Surveys with husband David Sabin.

David Sabin - Profile

Specialised BSc Hons Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, EMFEC Practical Archaeology, Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (MCIfA)

David's interest in archaeology began in the 1970's although he worked as an electronics and radio technician for a research company through the mid 1980's. In 1989 David became self-employed and picked up a wide range of experience working in a diverse number of sectors including electronics, agriculture and heritage. He has worked for several major archaeological companies on many projects throughout the UK and reached the level of project manager for a leading UK geophysical company before setting up Archaeological Surveys with wife Kerry.

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