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Devizes Wireless Station 1913 - 1929
Devizes Wireless Station was a short-lived site but played a remarkable part in wireless development in the early 20th century from just pre-WWI to the late 1920s. Initially the first receiving station constructed by Marconi as part of the Imperial Wireless Chain, then used by the military in WWI for direction finding and intelligence (MI1e) and finally maritime communications in the post-war period with demolition in 1929.
Posted on 13 October 2023
Roman Iron Working, Seend, Wiltshire
Magnetic susceptibility measurement of iron ore samples from Seend.
Posted on 14 December 2022
Archaeological Surveys Ltd will no longer be providing quotations for ground penetrating radar survey. However, we will continue to carry out GPR in specific cases and as part of contingency requirements as set out in the current guidelines.
Posted on 05 July 2021
Archaeological Surveys Ltd continue to offer geophysical survey during the COVID 19 pandemic.
Posted on 15 January 2021
With high temperatures becoming more frequent in British summers, Archaeological Surveys Ltd consider the risks of overheating and heat exhaustion when carrying out geophysical survey.
Posted on 11 August 2020
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